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Back Page: March 20, 2011

Our faculty at GCCS will have a teacher in service day tomorrow here at the Church with Dr. Jim Bennett.  This will be two sessions and a lunch afterwards.  We are looking forward to this very special time.

As I sat down at my desk this A.M., very sad and heart broken, …  your email was on my computer. The timing blessed my heart. My son, Chris, is on his way to Tokyo at this very minute and Brian is going soon. They feel such a deep need to encourage and pray with the business men with whom they have worked for years ….most are not Christians.  Emotions are very deep now as people here in the States want to help.  I telephoned Inoue Sensei yesterday.  He said because all communications are down they cannot contact by phone, email or road any of the pastors and churches who live in the earthquake area at this time.   He also said that some Christian families they know that live a little north of Tokyo are safe.   Thank you and the dear families at Hardingville for their caring hearts. I will always remember the precious fellowship I had when I visited your church last summer.  – Betty Oxley

We look forward to the ministry of the handbell choir from Bob Jones University here on Sunday night, the 27th.   Invite a friend for this special evening of music, testimony and ministry.  We are in need of hosts for 8 student ladies.  We could also use hands to provide a light breakfast for 5 student men staying in the Mission House. Could you help? See Pastor Bruce today as we make plans for this event.

The Vacation Bible School dates for the summer are July 11-15.  As we look forward to this week of special ministry, there will be a brief VBS meeting next Sunday night to announce the theme and share a few preliminary items.

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