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Back Page: May 15, 2011

Remembering Anniversaries.   Three years ago today, I had my first ever surgery.  I had been diagnosed with cancer in March and further testing revealed metastases to the left lung.  A tumor and portion of my upper lobe was removed during that five hour, five day stay surgery.  It is easy to remember the pain of those days, those awful tubes, relief from morphine, the limitation, and the personal struggles.  I do remember how the Lord ministered in my life, and I wrote much of it in a journal.  I read those notes with appreciation for the refuge I personally found in my Lord.  My pulmonary oncologist continues to monitor issues in my lungs every six months.  May 15th will always be etched in my memory.  The Lord is good. There is an article on the foyer table by the title Confidence in Christ when Cancer Comes.  This was a message preached here at HBC a week or so before that surgery.  It is also available on CD by the number 42008.

Our VBS this year will be July 11-15. We invite all boys and girls ages 4-14 to be a part of the fun and are also looking for volunteer workers to help. Both can register now online by going to or by clicking the link on the church website. We hope you can journey with us as we travel to the Old West this year!

Tri-State Bible Conference has had a need for a walk-in freezer for some time.  HBC sent a gift of $6,000 for this need.  The church missions account and the general fund contributed to this.  Thanks for your faithfulness in giving to the ministry here. This camp is owned and operated buy our Fellowship of Churches.

Looking Ahead:

  • May 20-21  Film Night – Milltown Pride
  • May 27   Wedding of Michael and Abbey
  • June 3 – GCCS high school graduation
  • June 5 [PM] Dr. Bob Jones III
  • July 11-15 VBS
  • July 24-27 Mission trip to Bradford, PA
  • July 28-30  4 H Fair “Booth” Ministry in Mullica Hill
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