The Friday Notes is a weekly update written by Pastor in review of the week, or looking forward to the worship services on Sunday.


Friday Notes: May 20, 2011

A Few Notes:

  • Tonight is the first night of the film Milltown Pride [7 PM]; this will also be shown on Sat night at 7 PM.  The movie will be available for purchase tonight if you are interested.  We have invited a lot of area churches.
  • Some men from HBC are off to the Men’s Retreat at Tri-State.
  • Our Sr. Class at GCCS will be coming home from their Sr. trip tomorrow
  • Tomorrow is May 21st.   Be praying for a positive response from the many who have been deceived by Mr. Camping
  • We have reached the 200 mark on the Friday Notes. Amazing, a few clicks and this message is sent to the majority of the HBC family.

As we look ahead to the Lord’s Day, I will deliver the final in a Sunday AM series on Signs of Life from the First Epistle of John.   Missionary Bob Metz will be our speaker at night.

I’ve been thinking …

The final evidence of life in this AM series on Vital Signs has to do with guarding one’s heart.  I am grateful to our God, that most in the HBC ministry have been able to guard their heart against doctrinal error and grievous sin.  Just think of how many are caught up in the error of Camping.  Will there be further static on the airways at 106.9 FM here in our area?  Will there be repentance or recalculating?  An evidence of regeneration is that the genuine believer in Jesus Christ is kept from such.  May God help us to ever be fortified with truth.


Have a great weekend,



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