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Back Page: June 19, 2011

There are a number of our young people involved in summer ministry at Christian camps.  We were able to pass along a small gift from a fund in the church to help these ones as they serve at camp this summer.  As the Lord brings them to mind please remember Joy Hibbard, Michele Zoback, Josh Netz, and Christin Schultz.  Although serving on staff at a camp is demanding, it is a wonderful and rewarding experience

Sunday School and Vacation Bible School: Summer instruction is important for the entire family.  While many may not like the term school in the above title, it is essential.  Be here each Sunday at 9:45 and plan to be with us for the week of  fun and instruction in VBS the week of  July 11-15. Parents need “school” too;  we have four adult classes over the summer.

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