The Friday Notes is a weekly update written by Pastor in review of the week, or looking forward to the worship services on Sunday.


Friday Notes: June 10, 2011

A Few Notes:

  • Today was the last day of school at GCCS
  • Remember the Gant family in prayer

As we look ahead to the Lord’s Day, I will speak on “Far Better than Worse” in the AM and we will begin chapter 13 in Hebrews at night in our study Helps from Hebrews.  We will also observe the Lord’s Table at night.

I’ve been thinking …

Summary statements on a speech, sermon, paper, or report are very important.  It is the closing “take away” from what was presented in detail.   This Sunday we will consider three such statements from the three major portions on the subject of marriage.   Christian marriages should be far better than worse.


Have a great weekend,




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