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Back Page: July 17, 2011

The Gold Rush is over….   what a great week!   The many hands made VBS very special.  A special thanks to Lane and Michele who directed Bible School.

Today’s sermon topic, The King and His Kingdom, will be a two part message with a special Q & A as part of the evening message.   The subject of the Millennium occupies a large portion of prophecy in the Bible.   There is coming a day when Jesus shall reign and all will bow!  There will be another sermon series like this on the subject of Death and Dying in August.

Read the letters from our young people working at summer camps – they are posted on the board outside the office.

One Sunday, Mrs. Dunn decided to visit a new church. The sermon seemed to go on and on and a few people in the congregation fell asleep.  After the service, to be friendly, she approached a sleepy-looking gentleman, extended her hand, and said, “Hello – I’m Gladys Dunn;” “You’re not the only one,” the man replied.  “I’m glad it’s done too”!

Next Sunday afternoon a group of us will travel to Bradford, PA, to Faith Baptist Church where Bill Raymond serves as pastor.  Our objective will be [1] to construct a garage type building next to the church, and [2] to conduct three days of VBS in the evenings.  We will use the same AIG theme of Digging for Gold that we used here at HBC this week. Pray for the team that will be going for these days of ministry


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