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Back Page: July 24, 2011

Several from HBC are off to Bradford, PA, to Faith Baptist Church where Bill Raymond serves as pastor.  Our objective will be [1] to construct a garage type building next to the church and [2] to conduct three days of VBS in the evenings.  Pray for the team that will be going for these days of ministry

NURSERY NOTES:  We appreciate all who serve in the church nursery; your ministry is important.  We appreciate Judy Field’s directing the HBC Nursery.  If you are serving in the Nursery on a given Sunday and want to receive a CD of the sermon – it is free!   Just write the word “Nursery” on the blue envelope and leave it at the Info Booth.

Our Semi-Annual Business Meeting will be next Sunday night, the 31st.  This will include the annual report on the ministry of Gloucester County Christian School and a final proposal on finishing the project at the school.

Kristen Lloyd will leave for Guam on Wednesday, and she will be teaching at the Harvest Christian Academy.   Teaching overseas, in another culture, is a special ministry for which the Lord has uniquely prepared her.  You may also want to keep in touch bkloyd87@gmail.comOver the next few weeks we will feature some of our gifted musicians here at HBC in the evening service.  You will not want to miss these young people as they use their very special talent from the Lord.


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