The HBC Back Page is a weekly column appearing on the back of the church bulletin each Sunday, often including church news, anecdotes, book reviews, or comments from Pastor.


Back Page: July 31, 2011

 HBC Prayer Chain – Most of the Church prayer chain is by e-mail these days.  We have over 200 e-mail addresses and some numbers that we call.  If you have e-mail and want to be added to this list – please send a note to pastor   This will also add you to the Friday Notes and any other special HBC announcements. This is used for special emergency request, simply call the church office at 881-0057.

Sermon Notes – These are available each Sunday and are on the Info Booth shortly after 9:30.  Many use these and find benefit in being able to follow the weekly sermon more closely.  Parents can likewise encourage their children to take notes on the message and fill in the various blanks.  Taking notes will help you to retain and understand what is being  taught, and some may even keep the little half sheets!


The HBC Ministry Statement:

Hardingville Bible Church exists for the glory of God.

  We will strive to honor the Name of Christ, strengthen

believers in the faith, share the Gospel with the lost,

and stand for truth no matter the cost.

 Kristen Lloyd arrived safely in Guam.  Pray for her adjustment and preparation to teach at the Harvest Christian Academy.   Her e-mail address is

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