The HBC Back Page is a weekly column appearing on the back of the church bulletin each Sunday, often including church news, anecdotes, book reviews, or comments from Pastor.


Back Page: October 2, 2011

     Last Sunday afternoon there were 35 residents in attendance at the Nursing Home Ministry.  Rachel and Janice Bates played accompaniment for hymns and did special music. Tim Bates prayed and read Scripture, and Brian delivered a message from Psalm 90.  We rejoice in this monthly ministry.

Men – pick up a brochure on the HBC Open and plan to invite a friend.  This has been a great day for golfers with prizes, a feast and a time of spiritual challenge.

GCCS Update:   We rejoice in the new building that the Lord has given us and how it is being used.   Most of the painting in the new Assembly Room was finished this past week.  We have ordered some “furnishings” for the gym.  We await the flooring in both.  A recent mailing went out as a final appeal for funds.  The yellow envelopes in the pew are available for another month or so before they will be removed – all gifts are appreciated.

We are excited about our Fall Bible Conference here at HBC, October 16-19, and look forward to the ministry of two men who will come as the  Lord’s messengers.  Plan now to be here each night!  There will be special music and a nursery.

Last Sunday night, in our series on Deuteronomy, I mentioned  that Many of the things we worry about never happen!  The parents of this new generation worried and fretted about what would happen to their children in 1:39.  In that context the following was mentioned, be sure not to miss it. Worry does not rid us of tomorrow’s problems, but it does rob us of today’s strength. Yes, this is original, yet Spurgeon once said, “Anxiety robs one of today’s strength.”   Both are packed with meaning!                                                                         – Pastor

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