The Friday Notes is a weekly update written by Pastor in review of the week, or looking forward to the worship services on Sunday.


Friday Notes: October 14, 2011

A Few Notes:

  • Our youth meetings are tonight at 7
  • Tomorrow – Men, there is a breakfast at 8 AM   [Have we missed you?]  Invite a friend to this time of fellowship.
  • Our Fall Bible Conference begins Sunday; there will be two adult Sunday School classes on Sunday [one for men and one for ladies].
  • For those who get the Courier Post, I was interviewed for a news story on Harold Camping’s final prediction, October 21st.   I imagine the story will run before that date.  I plan, Lord willing, to have a cup of Wawa pumpkin spice coffee with Liz on October 22nd.

As we look ahead to the Lord’s Day, Dr. Marriott, of Maranatha Baptist Bible College, WI, will be our featured speaker in both services.  You will not want to miss this special Sunday here at HBC.

 I’ve been thinking …

About disappointment….   I have not watched the MLB playoffs.  Whatever happened to our Phillies.  The Eagles… now there is disappointment.  Other real disappointments come in life.  Someone once said that such are always God’s appointments, Yes, I believe that.   He does have a defined purpose in such.    Does God ever get bummed out or disappointed.  How about when I drop the ball, fail to score, or am not mindful of the clock?   How does God handle disappointment?   If the divine, holy One can ever be disappointed in us, I can assure you that it does not affect His disposition, if God has one of those.  When we refer to God being holy, we mean that He is in a category all by Himself; He is very much different than us.  I hope to see you.



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