The HBC Back Page is a weekly column appearing on the back of the church bulletin each Sunday, often including church news, anecdotes, book reviews, or comments from Pastor.


Back Page: December 4, 2011

     Missionary Notes:   It is a joy to partner with many in the carrying out of the Great Commission.  I trust that you will remember these servants of Christ in your prayer time and that from time to time drop them a note.  We rejoice in that      we were able to send a gift to each of our missionaries for Christmas.    Your faithful giving to HBC makes special gifts like this possible.

Tracts at Christmas:   We have placed many different Gospel tracts in the tract racks and will continue to restock them over the next few weeks. This is an excellent way to share the good news that a Savior was born.   Enclose one in a card, share a tract with someone while you shop, and look for opportunities to follow the example of the shepherds who “made known abroad the saying….” (Luke 2:17).  The “saying” was the good news of the birth of the Savior (Luke 2:11).

There is a mail box near the church office for Christmas Cards that you may want to send within the church family.  Please alpha sort and rubber band them before putting them in the box.


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