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Back Page: January 15, 2012

Do you receive the Friday Notes from Pastor?  These are sent out every week around 3 PM and are also a post on the church website.  E-mail is also used for prayer request items and other information.  This is for all who attend HBC.  If you would like to receive this send your address to:

Ray and Ann Gibbs, gifted musicians, will be with us on Sunday, February 19th.   They will do some music in the morning service and present a sacred music concert at night.  On Saturday, the 18th, there will be some special vocal instruction with the Gibbs for various ones here at HBC – stay tuned…

 Did you now that 34% of people in the US read a newspaper today?  In ’93 that number was 58%.

 A word about giving to the ministry here.    We appreciate the tithes and offerings of God’s people from week to week.  The Lord is faithful in meeting our needs.  Most give to HBC by personal check.  Your canceled check is your receipt for your regular giving.  You should keep your own record of personal giving to HBC or any other charitable organization.  Any single gift of $250 or more will also be issued an additional receipt according to IRS regulation.  These are usually mailed on Monday from the church office.  If you do not wish to give by personal check, we are also willing to accommodate you; let us know.  Personal check is the preferred manner of giving to charitable organizations, keep your receipts.

Nomination ballots for 2012 have been distributed to all members [most by e-mail].  There are some on the Information Booth.  All members are encouraged to be involved in the nominating process.  Our Annual Business Meeting is January 26th at 7 PM.                   – Pastor

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