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Back Page: January, 22, 2012

    It is important that we recognize the power of an “invite.”  Besides a church service, there are many other activities here at HBC when  we can invite another to come in contact with other believers or under the sound of the Word.  A Gospel presentation is often given at such times.  Have you invited someone to church or a special function in recent days?  Take that as a challenge this New Year.

There are some messages on the church website that are available to download and all are available on CD.  Use the blue envelope in the pew to order a CD of a given message.

Ray and Ann Gibbs, gifted musicians, will be with us on Sunday, February 19th.   They will do some music in the morning service and present a sacred music concert at night.  On Saturday, the 18th, there will be some special vocal instruction with the Gibbs for various ones here at HBC.

As we look ahead to our Annual Business Meeting:  [1] If you have been nominated for a given office, today is the deadline for a response. [2] If you owe us a report, please send that in today as well.  [3] There are two additional business items to be discussed at the annual business meeting this week – they are posted outside the church office.

Sermon Notes – These are available each Sunday and are on the Info Booth shortly after 9:30.  Many use these and find benefit in being able to follow the weekly sermon more closely.  Taking notes will help you to retain and understand what is being taught, and some may even keep the little half sheets!          – Pastor

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