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Back Page: February 19, 2012

     My heart was deeply warmed by a personal letter from Pastor Mark Griffin this past week.   Mark grew up here in our ministry, and after training at BJU, served here at HBC.  It is hard to believe that he is now 40 years old and has served there at the Valley Bible Church in VT for 12 years.   God is doing a very special work there in that part of New England.  I no longer see Mark as the young boy or man that he was, but as a seasoned pastor leading a flock under the watchful care of the Great Shepherd.
The Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act in NJ is just about history as we became the 8th state to recognize homosexual marriage.  A special thanks to all who called their elected officials and our governor on this matter last week.  We do need to raise a voice for righteousness in these last days; remember who the real minorities are.There are two Ladies’ Retreats in April at Tri-State Bible Conference.  Brochures are available on the missions counter, and a sign up sheet is also posted.  If we have enough on any given week, we can send a church van for the weekend.   Send in your registration or call the camp for availability.

Our Annual Missions Conference is March 18-21 [Sunday –Wednesday].  We look forward to these special days of emphasizing missions here at HBC.  Dr. Bud Steadman of Baptist World Mission will be our keynote speaker.

42 years ago tomorrow, your pastor placed his personal faith and trust in Christ for salvation.  As a boy, I understood my need of a Savior and heard God’s simple plan of salvation.  That moment, in the bedroom of a friend, changed my life forever.  The Lord soon impressed 2 Corinthians 5:17 upon my heart because my life did radically change from the inside out.                       – Pastor


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