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Back Page: February 26, 2012

Wednesday is a 29th day on our February calendar; I remember hearing that it was someone’s birthday.  Imagine having a birthday every four years!   As a special treat, we will have Missionary Mark Nelsen [France] and four others from France with us for our Wednesday night service,  They will share with us and then spend the night with our teen group.  It was just a few years ago that we sent a missions team to France to be with the Nelsens.

When down in the mouth, remember, Jonah. He came out ok.

Are you using Tracts? There are three tract racks  here at HBC and numerous items on the counter in the foyer – these are all for your use!  We do rotate the tracts each month; if you are looking for a specific one, let us know.  We also have a supply of large print or Spanish tracts available.  God has assured us that His Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11).

There are two Ladies’ Retreats in April at Tri-State Bible Conference.  Brochures are available on the missions counter, and a sign up sheet is also posted.  If we have enough on any given week, we can send a church van for the weekend.   Send in your registration or call the camp for availability.

Our Annual Missions Conference is March 18-21 [Sunday –Wednesday].

There are a few new sermons uploaded on the church website and a few posts.

Four New Adult Classes will begin next Sunday

Dan Winnberg was recently called to be pastor of the Church of the Open Bible in Burlington, MA.   We rejoice in God’s leading in Dan’s life and trust that their move from Michigan to New England will go smoothly.       – Pastor

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