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Back Page: February 5, 2012

As the battle heats up in the NJ Assembly over same sex marriage, the following stats are rather interesting.  New Jersey adopted civil unions at the behest of its judiciary in 2007. By the numbers….

8,600,000: The total number of residents living in New Jersey
1,600,000: The total number of married couples living in NJ
3,200,000: The number of married individuals in NJ
37.2 %: The percentage of married persons in NJ to the total population
245,100: The estimated number of homosexuals living in NJ
2.8 %: The percentage of homosexual persons in NJ to the total population
5,447: The number of homosexual couples who formed civil  unions in New Jersey; only 2.2% of homosexuals*
0.06%: The percentage of NJ homosexual couples in civil unions compared to the total population.
13: The number of homosexual couples who have formed civil unions in NJ who have filed complaints with the NJ
Civil Rights Commission claiming that civil unions are not working
0.00015%: The percentage of NJ homosexuals in civil unions filing formal complaints to the total population
1: The number of complaints where the Civil Rights Commission found that there may have been probable
cause. The other 12 were dismissed.         *As of July 10, 2011 per NJDHSS
– Source:  NJ Family Policy Council Bulletin

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