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Back Page: March 25, 2012

Our annual Missions Conference is now behind us.  Praying for and financially supporting missionaries is an important part of the ministry here at Hardingville.   I was thinking about a number of the unspoken challenges that were issued in my own life as a result of these days of special focus.  As you give from week to week you help support the 34 missionaries that we have partnered with in the Great Commission.  There are prayer letters and cards at the mission display table.   Make up your own prayer list, use the cards, but above all remember to pray for these dear servants of Christ.  Send them an e-mail once in a while, remember a birthday, make yourself known to them when they are here.

We rejoice in God’s provision of a new 15 passenger Ford van to be used in this ministry.  HBC – 1 is parked outside.

Men’s Canada Fishing Trip August 9-11 [Thurs – Sat].  Pick up an info sheet from pastor, sign up and get a deposit to Sharon.  We have reserved four cabins.

While not all sermons are uploaded to the church website, some are; visit


A bit of humor….  While creating wives, God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world.  And then He smiled and made the earth round.


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