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Back Page: April 14, 2012

     This day in history….  The Titanic went down!   One hundred years ago today that massive ocean liner sank in the frigid waters of the Atlantic.  Imagine the horror of reading the newspaper headlines a few days later and wondering the status of a loved one on board.   There is a lot of attention given to this anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking; I even read that a cruise ship, loaded with thousands, was passing over the very spot today. It was early Sunday morning; did the people on board have any idea that this was their last day on earth, or that they would come that close to perishing?   What if this was  your last day?  The words of Amos 4:12 “Prepare to meet thy God” are still true!  You will one day soon stand before a holy God; have you received the forgiveness of sin and the peace that only God can give?

Vacation Bible School    July 9 – 13  [Monday – Friday] We appreciate Lane and Michele who will be directing again this year; there is a meeting scheduled for tonight.  We could use your help in VBS this year; plan to be here!

May 10 – Sight and Sound Trip      May 14 – GCCS Staff Appreciation Banquet
May 17 –18 GCCS Play     May 18 – Wedding bells for Heather and Greg
May 19 – Bridal shower for Allison Catalano

We are presently enrolling new families for the coming school year at Gloucester County Christian School.  Information  packets are available on the table in the foyer [Grades K – 12].  Parents may want to consider  our Pre-K program as well.  Now is the time to fill out an application as most classes fill quickly!   If you are a member here at HBC and need assistance with tuition, see Pastor for a Benevolent Fund Request Form.

–  Pastor

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