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Back Page: April 22, 2012

     The King’s Kids’ Closing program was on Friday night, and we had a great year with the boys and girls.  A special thanks to Pete and Jess Field in leading this ministry.  Pete Field writes:    While many clubbers received trophies for completing a specific level, a few actually completed two levels during the year, Kenny Thompson, Aurora Frasca, and Tatiana Ipri. There were three 6th graders that completely finished all required books and received King’s Kids highest honor, the “Daniel” Award. They were Abigail Harris, Julia Vanelli, and Lauren Cassaday. Julia Vanelli and Abigail Harris gave a brief lesson during our closing ceremonies, the first time a clubber has ever done that! As far as leader recognition, three were given a gift certificate in honor of their having perfect attendance for the entire year. They were Donna Shaw, Rob Gerkensmeyer, and Bryan Stimpson. We had a great year and praise the Lord for how He supplied faithful leaders and eager clubbers!


Over 1800 students and sponsors from 32 states participated in the AACS National Competition held on the campus of Bob Jones University this past week.  The students,  representing over 180 Christian high schools, competed in 77 categories in the five basic areas  of Bible, music, speech, art, and academic  testing.   The following places were captured by Gloucester County Christian students: First place in the nation: People/Animal Photography- Gabrielle Flynn; Handbell Ensemble; Second place: Woodwind- Rachel Bates; Reader’s Theatre; Small Instrumental Ensemble; Sacred Piano Duet- Jim Milby, Amber Mecke; Textiles- Sylvia Hanna; Third place: Declamation Speech- Brittany Lam; String Solo- Amber Mecke; Choric Speaking; Fourth Place: Printmaking- Christin Schultz.  Finalists (top six in the nation): Duet Acting- Dave Costa, Jake Gonzalez; Oral Interpretation of Poetry- Sylvia Hanna. Gloucester’s finishers helped New Jersey take fifth place at the national competition.

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