The Friday Notes is a weekly update written by Pastor in review of the week, or looking forward to the worship services on Sunday.


Friday Notes: April 13, 2012

A Few Notes:

  • The King’s Kids will have their closing program tonight and the Jr. High will meet.
  • The Pictorial Directory People are here taking pictures; we have added another day, May 8th.   We want everyone attending HBC to be a part of it!   Call the church office if you have not yet signed up for an appointment.
  • Praise for a tremendous program last Sunday night and for all involved.   There were many visitors and the message of the program was clear.
  • Chris Jenkins of Tri-State Bible Conference will also be here on Sunday morning for a brief promotion of the camp ministry.

We look ahead to Sunday, we will consider the most effective approaches to evangelism.  This will not focus on specific methods, but three simple tasks that all of us can employ in fulfilling the Great Commission.  I will speak on Effective Evangelism and our choir will sing.   At our 6 PM services we will continue in our study of Timely Truths from Thessalonians with the message A Church’s Reputation. 

I’ve been thinking …

Our Lord’s use of questions in dealing with people is an interesting study.  This is especially true because He knew what was in man’s heart, yet he asked questions.  There was a definite reason for this:  People need to see their own personal need and they must understand what they are to do in light of that!   Evangelism is the responsibility of every believer.  May God help us to be Gospel-minded as we move about people at work, at school,  and at play.   We look forward to Sunday – see you then.



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