The HBC Back Page is a weekly column appearing on the back of the church bulletin each Sunday, often including church news, anecdotes, book reviews, or comments from Pastor.


Back Page: May 13, 2012

     Last Friday, your Pastor was honored with a Doctor of Divinity degree at the 85th commencement at Bob Jones University.   I was both humbled and honored at the same time.  Dr. Bruce McAllister, director of Ministerial Training, introduced me as he read a brief bio of your pastor.  Dr. Bob Jones spoke for a few minutes and then presented the degree and the hood.  This is an honorary degree, given to honor one who has been in ministry for some time.  It was something I had known about since January, but was asked to keep it quiet.  There were two honorees presented with a degree that day.   Liz and I enjoyed our brief stay at BJU and some time with some of our students.  Thank you for your many kind words.

The sermon from last Sunday, Making Sense of what God Allows, was uploaded to the church website.

Our high school graduation is Friday, June 8, at 7 PM [here].                           – Pastor  

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