The HBC Back Page is a weekly column appearing on the back of the church bulletin each Sunday, often including church news, anecdotes, book reviews, or comments from Pastor.


Back Page: May 6, 2012

Summer Camp – Now is the time to register!   Pick up a brochure and visit  the bulletin board outside the office.   There is a $75 discount from HBC on all camps at Tri-State and the same amount for those going to the WILDS.   Parents, summer camp can be a life changing experience.  Catch up to Pastor Bruce with any questions.

Friday Notes are sent by e-mail on late Friday afternoon each week.  Many have expressed their appreciation for this brief note.  If you would like to be added…. send a note to pastor at  There is also a hard copy of the Friday Notes on the Info Booth.

May 15th will be the opening day of church softball.   We will play against ourselves on this day and have  hot dogs and drinks for all.   This will be our first  official practice; all men/teens are welcome. We have a few games lined up already; if you know of a business that would like to play – see Pastor Bruce for scheduling.                           – Pastor


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