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Back Page: June 10, 2012

    Pastor will do a few two-part series of messages again this summer – the first being Sunday, June 24th.  The format will be:  the Sunday AM sermon and a further 20 minutes on the same subject at the 6 PM service followed by a Q & A session on the study for the day.  The June 24th study will be When Christ and Culture Clash.  Our culture and society are constantly challenging the core issues of what Christians believe, and the church is becoming more and more like the world all the time.

Summer Camp – a great experience for young people!

Tri-State [HBC will pay $75 of the cost]  Teen Camp  – the week of July 9th -14th  Junior Camp – the week of July 23rd  – 28th * Register and sign-up if you need transportation

Teens to the WILDS [HBC will pay $75 of the cost]               This is for the week of June 25 – 30;     see Pastor Bruce with any questions.

There is also a Family Camp at Tri-State and some from HBC have registered to attend – pick up a brochure.  Pastor Ron Whitehead is the speaker.

Vacation Bible School – July 9-13       We look forward to an exciting, fruitful week of ministry to young people.  Many have handed in the VBS recruitment flyer; there are still a few on the Info Booth.  Lane Bodine and Michele Doran  will direct VBS again this year.

God loves you whether you like it or not.                                                                             

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