The Friday Notes is a weekly update written by Pastor in review of the week, or looking forward to the worship services on Sunday.


Friday Notes: June 8, 2012

A Few Notes:

  • The High School graduation of GCCS is tonight at 7 – at the Church.
  • The Adult Sunday School classes will have a combined Sunday School this week with Dr. Moritz.
  • We will recognize graduates at HBC next Sunday with a special gift for all.
  • There will be a VBS meeting on Sunday night at 7:15.

As we look ahead to Sunday, Dr. Fred Moritz of Maranatha Baptist Seminary, WI, will be our guest speaker for the morning.   At our 6 PM service we will have a missionary report.

 I’ve been thinking …

This is the season of graduations and decisions by young people and parents.   Such decisions will greatly affect their future.  I have reminded many over the years that when we have such important decisions to make, it is imperative that we draw close to the Lord at such times.   Sad to say, many make life impacting decisions when they are not walking with the Lord the way they should.   Pray for our teens and young people as they finish high school or college – that they might walk with the Lord and seek Him.



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