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Back Page: July 8, 2012

     The VBS adventure begins tomorrow!  Many have been busy with the preparations for the IncrediWorld Amazement Park.  Invite some children from your community to VBS.  If they need transportation, call the church – we will be running vans.

There is still time to register for camp at Tri-State:
         Junior Camp, July 23rd   Several from HBC are attending this week; register and sign up if you would like to go to camp.  See the youth bulletin board for details.   Family Camp is August 5-11 Pastor Ron Whitehead is the speaker.    The Annual Conference week is right after that; some from HBC are attending this as well.

God will accept broken hearts, but He must have all the pieces.

     Tim and Faith Brennan will be leaving the HBC mission house tomorrow and heading to FL to prepare for the journey back to Brazil.   It has been nice to have them around these months.

Next Sunday, Pastor will bring another summer sermon series with a Q & A afterwards.  The subject for the day will be the Millennium. What will this one thousand year reign of Christ be like?  What will you be doing in your glorified body at that time?

Pastor Bruce and Danielle, in following the Lord’s leading in their lives, have made application to join the Biblical Ministries Worldwide [BMW] family.   We support several missionaries through this agency.   Bruce and Danielle are considering an opportunity in the realm of missions and this is simply a step in that direction.    They will be attending the candidate school of BMW this week, July 9-20, to learn more about the mission and other opportunities that may be available to them. Your prayers for them will be appreciated.             –  Pastor

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