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Back Page: August 19, 2012

     Today is an anniversary Sunday for Liz and me as we complete 30 years of ministry here at HBC.  This Sunday in August was our first Sunday here and the message preached was “A Vision for the Ministry.”  We surely rejoice in all that our God has been pleased to do over these three decades.  There will be a recognition service of these 30 years on Sunday September 23.  Our two guest speakers that day will be Ron Whitehead and Joe Roof and we will have an ice cream social after the evening service.

A few one liners:

No God……No Peace.    Know God….Know peace.

Try our Sundays.  They are better than Baskin Robbins.

Fight truth decay….   Study the Bible.

How will you spend eternity— Smoking or non-smoking?

This past week our staff attended the annual conference meeting of our fellowship of churches [the FFBC].  Kevin Kincaid will bring a report on a Sunday night in a few weeks.  Two special notes:  We had two winners form our church for the essay contest on the subject of salvation:   Kara Kincaid [age 13-16]  1st place; and Lauren Cassaday [ages 8-12] 2nd place.  Congratulations!

The fall promotion for Sunday School and the new

 Adult Classes will begin on September 9th.

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