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Back Page: August 26, 2012

As the summer winds down, I wonder if you accomplished all that you planned on during these months. Did you rest, visit, entertain others, read, and just chill? Don’t forget to make the time to do the really important things in life. Sometimes, that is just sitting with a friend for a spell. Within the Body of Christ, we all need each other; let’s tune in to that.

The HBC Ministry Statement:

Hardingville Bible Church exists for the glory of God. We will strive to honor the Name of Christ, strengthen

believers in the faith, share the Gospel with the lost,

and stand for truth no matter the cost.

In just a few short weeks, a number of fall ministries will start up again here at HBC, and we want you plugged in to a ministry. It would be great if everyone served somewhere!

The fall promotion for Sunday School and the new

Adult Classes will begin on September 9th.

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