The Friday Notes is a weekly update written by Pastor in review of the week, or looking forward to the worship services on Sunday.


Friday Notes: August 31, 2012

A Few Notes:

  • Sunday School classes will continue one more week with “new classes” beginning next Sunday.  Teachers should “review” with their students this Sunday.
  • Open House at our school was packed last night; a good spirit.
  • Pray for families taking young people to college this weekend.

As we look ahead to Sunday, I will speak on Renewing Routines at the 11 AM service.  This will be from the life of Elijah.   At our 6 PM service; we will continue in our study of 1st Thessalonians with the message Six Marks of a Healthy Christian from chapter 5:16-22.  We will also observe the Lord’s Table at night.

I’ve been thinking …

The final weekend of the summer is upon us; hard to imagine.   It is easy to get away from good positive routines.  Perhaps this has happened in recent months to you and some may observe “this is not like you.”   Such was the experience of Elijah.  It is hard to imagine how this servant could be so “down” after living on the mountain top for so long.  As we study another aspect of his life this Sunday, I want you to examine your heart.  Are there some positive routines that you need to get back to?  Have you left a certain post of duty?  Let us all start the fall season on the right page: living for the Lord and serving Him.  See you in September [that is Sunday].



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