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2012 Men’s Canada Fishing Trip

2012 Men’s Canada Fishing Trip

This year, 15 men from HBC traveled to Ontario for the annual Men’s Fishing Trip to Lake Gananoque at the Tedford’s Fishing Lodge.  This year, the men decided to get an earlier start at 5AM to accommodate the traditional heavy breakfast at Bingham’s in Lennox, PA.  After a stop at Gander Mountain for rain gear, boat equipment, and some tackle, the men crossed the border to the North and headed to Gananoque. Fred, Drew, Aziz, and the 2 Kevins arrived first, laying claim to the luxurious Cottage 6, leaving Komand to choose lesser accommodations.

Greg added to the excitement this year by bringing a redneck washer toss game, and amazingly was beaten by Komand four straight games. The men enjoyed the fellowship on the lawn, in the cottages, at the table, and on the lake. The major new adventure this year was the rain on Friday, but the Lord blessed with great fishing and protection throughout the day. All in all, everyone caught a number of fish, including  Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Crappies, Bluegills, and a Dogfish.

Some highlights are the daily cooked to order breakfast, delicious deserts, and lots of good fellowship, sprinkled with a few fish tales. Here is a sample schedule:

5:15 AM Wake Up (except Komand & Maynard)
5:30 AM Fishing
7:30 AM Return to the Main Lodge for Breakfast
8:30 AM Fishing
12:00 PM Lunch at the Lodge or On Shore
1:00 PM Fishing
6:00 PM Dinner at the Lodge
7:00 PM Fishing
8:15 PM Fellowship & Testimonies

An option on Friday is to fish with a local guide, and about half of the group took advantage of this, while others who have a good idea where the fish are from many prior trips to the lake venture out sans-guide. Although the style of fishing during these days is catch-and-release, what we caught Friday morning became the focal point of our “shore lunch”, where the local fishing guides clean and fry the fish on-shore along with some side dishes, a few burgers, and lots of bacon! Some finished up the meal with pie, then we got back to fishing feeling quite satisfied.

On Friday evening the men gathered around for a time of devotions and testimonies before turning in for the night. What a great time of Christian fellowship we had!

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