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Back Page: September 23, 2012

Dates have a way of telling a story.  Here are some dates that I lifted from my files in reflection of 30 years of ministry as it relates to the physical plant here at HBC.

Aug 22, 1982 1st Sunday as Pastor of HBC

Jan ’83 Special love offering for air conditioning

Dec ’85 Paid off the mortgage on Harmony Hall

May ’87 Dedicated the new addition to the sanctuary

July ’89 Purchase of 5 additional acres

Dec ’92  Purchase of 10 additional acres

Apr ’94 Ground breaking for educational building

Oct ’94 We moved the parsonage to its new location

Jan ’95 Dedicated the Educational Building

May ’97 Assumed the ministry of GCCS

Mar ’98 Ground Breaking for new Sanctuary

May ’99 Dedicated the new auditorium at HBC

Jan ’00 Dedicated new steeple in memory of Everett Wright

Dec ’00 The gift of a home to HBC -“Missions House”

June ’01  The purchase and erection of a Pole Barn

Aug ’03 New roof on Harmony Hall

Fall ’06 Major addition to Harmony Hall

Aug ’10 Groundbreaking at GCCS

Jan ’12 Dedication of new high school building at GCCS

As pastor, I associate names and faces with all these projects.  Several of those faces are in glory today; many are still with us.  This is the Lord’s work, and it was done by His people.  Faithful servants of Christ sacrificially and volunteered precious time; to God be the glory.

Our hearts overflow with gratitude because of God’s favor that has been upon this ministry.  Let’s never forget where we came from, what we now have, and the responsibility to be stewards of what He has entrusted us with.  Your faithfulness in this ministry is greatly appreciated.   This is your church:  attend it, support it, serve in it, pray for it.

– Pastor

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