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Back Page: October 21, 2012

      Pastor and Liz will be attending two days of the American Council of Christian Churches Convention in Kingsport, TN, this week.  The ACCC is the only Fundamentalist council of churches of its kind.  A brochure of the annual meeting is posted.   This is always a time of good fellowship with men of like precious faith and a time of challenge.

The weekly sermon notes that are available on the Information Booth each week are now also available on the church Wi-Fi.  The web address for these notes is //   Look for today’s notes in the October folder.  The notes will be in Word format or a pdf format.  You can fill in the notes and add additional notes on your I-Pad.   For those unfamiliar with the wireless access here at HBC, you will need to stop by the Information Booth for the password to get in.

The Water of Life     What Jesus said of the water of Jacob’s well [John 4:10-14] is true of everything that earth can offer.  There is nothing in this life that can effectually quench the thirst of a human soul.    Man is made for eternity, and the things of time can never satisfy.  But he who drinks the living water of the Gospel finds that which quenches his thirst forever.  Christ fully satisfies the heart that learns to confide in Him.  The word received in the power of the Holy Spirit produces the new birth, thus giving everlasting life.     – H.A. Ironside

We appreciate all who are involved in teaching in the Children’s Church program.   This allows many parents to fully benefit from the 11 AM worship services.  We are looking for a few members to be added to this teaching rotation; Lena Patterson is overseeing this ministry now.                                                                                                 – Pastor

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