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Back Page: October 28, 2012

     Liz and I are with the Smiths at Cherry Flats Baptist Church near Mansfield, PA, today.  Pastor Ken asked if I would come and do a prophecy conference Fri-Sun and for Liz to speak at a ladies’ brunch.  We look forward to fellowship with Ken and Janel.  They are doing a good work there in that part of the Lord’s vineyard.  Liz and I have had some quality time, in the car, this past week.   Thanks for your prayers for these meetings; we will be traveling home tonight after a Q & A session.

Honk if you love Jesus.  Text while driving if you want to meet Him now.

      Many people have ordered CD’s of messages here at HBC.  If you would like a given sermon for yourself or a friend, use the blue envelope in the pew and leave it at the Info Booth.   The CD request will be on the foyer counter the following week with your name.   Check the church website as well; some can be downloaded.

A reminder:  Sharon Milligan, Pastor’s secretary, is a notary public.  You are welcome to use that service anytime; call first!


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