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Back Page: November 11, 2012

     Today we celebrate Veteran’s Day and honor those men and women who have served in our Nation’s Armed Forces.  We should particularly remember and honor those who have fought for our national sovereignty, for our right to vote, and for a society where we are free to pursue life, liberty, personal fulfillment, conscience, faith, and a course of life leading to happiness and blessing.  As believers in Jesus Christ, it should be a particularly meaningful day. As Americans we enjoy an unparalleled freedom of religious expression. Though forces and groups seek to squelch the First Amendment freedoms to assemble and express ourselves – a freedom won by the blood of the Patriots – we still have a significant remnant of liberty on radio, internet, in our churches and in the public square, even in the workplace.   There is another sovereignty that works and reigns above all others and above all nations – the Sovereignty of God. Sadly some act, or fail to act, by presuming on God’s sovereignty. They espouse and demonstrate a form of fatalism or determinism, along with social and political abandonment, as if God does not require any stewardship of our citizenship. As if our blessings of freedom and status as “lesser magistrates” enumerated in our Constitution were of little value, even insignificant.

– Bill Haney, Missions to Military


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