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Back Page: November 4, 2012

Election Day draws nigh.   “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his  country.”    – Samuel Adams, Founding Father

Be an informed voter and pray before going to the polls.

Vote your conscience; who best represents your values; who is the best candidate; whom do you trust?

As you vote, it may be a “lesser of two evils.”  There will be some things that you do not like about the candidate.

Two vastly different futures lie ahead for our children and grandchildren.  Christians need to stay involved in the political process
and encourage others to get out and vote.

Today’s Election Day Sermon will challenge us on our responsibility as believers in a secular society, and it will be put up on the internet right away also.

A Reminder:  The weekly sermon notes that are available on the Information Booth each week are now also available on the church Wi-Fi.  The web address for these notes is //   Look for today’s notes in the November folder.  The notes will be in Word format or a pdf format.  You can fill in the notes and add additional notes on your I-Pad.   For those unfamiliar with the wireless access here at HBC, you will need to stop by the Information Booth for the password to get in. Plan to be with us for two special events this month  [1] Our Thanksgiving Dinner here at the church on the 17th  – we provide the meat; bring a side dish or dessert, and [2] our Annual Pie ‘N Praise Fellowship the night before Thanksgiving; always a “sweet time” of fellowship.                                                                               – Pastor

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