The Friday Notes is a weekly update written by Pastor in review of the week, or looking forward to the worship services on Sunday.


Friday Notes: November 16, 2012

A Few Notes to the Family:

  • The King’s Kids will meet tonight from 7-9 [Pilgrim and Indian dress up night]; the Jr. High teens will also meet.
  • Our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner is tomorrow night at 6.  Bring a cover/dish or dessert to share; we look forward to a great evening of fellowship.   Martha could probably use a hand in the kitchen if you can come a little early.
  • We are collecting food stuffs for needy families this season of the year; bring a bag in on Sunday.

As we look ahead to Sunday, I will speak on “A Stirring Salvation Question” in the morning and our choir will sing.   Our King’s Kids will also sing at the opening of the service.   At our 6 PM service, we will sing hymns, share testimonies, and have the 21th message in our series from Thessalonians: Dealing with the Disorderly.  Our Handbell choir will minister in song.

 I’ve been thinking …

What would it be like to walk with Jesus down a dusty road in Israel and listen to the Lord from Heaven speak.  Imagine the opportunity to pose a question to the Lord of glory, what a privilege.   There is a passage in Luke 13 where this very thing happens and the question posed is this: Are there few that be saved ?  Our Lord’s answer is most intriguing – hope to see you on Sunday.



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