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Pastor Franklin 30 Years at HBC

Pastor Franklin 30 Years at HBC

On Sunday, September 23, Hardingville Bible Church celebrated 30 years of ministry here for Pastor Mark & Liz Franklin. Pastor Ron Whitehead and Pastor Joe Roof, former interns at HBC under Pastor, were able to join us as our speakers on this special day. Several gave testimony in both services also related to the impact Pastor & Liz have had on their lives over so many years. We praise the Lord for such unique faithfulness to one place that He has seen fit to bless us with at this ministry. May we all seek to obey Him in such a way during the coming days. Below you will find a few photos of the presentation of special gifts given in appreciation to the Franklins from the entire church family .  All the glory goes to God for His faithfulness shown to us!

In addition to this recognition, Bob Jones University recently awarded Pastor Franklin with an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree at their 85th Commencement on May 4, 2012. They also graciously noted and deeply appreciated his faithfulness in ministry. You will find a video of the presentation here and below, beginning at 1:22:33 and following.

2012 Commencement at Bob Jones University

Our Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches, of which Pastor and HBC are members, also recognized this accomplishment at their Annual Conference this year. You can find the corresponding resolution here or at the link below to the FFBC blog.

In Acknowledgement of Dr. Franklin – 2012 Resolution #4

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