The Friday Notes is a weekly update written by Pastor in review of the week, or looking forward to the worship services on Sunday.


Friday Notes: December 21, 2012

A Few Notes to the Family:

  • The Jr. High Teens will be caroling tonight.
  • There will be choir practice tomorrow at 9 AM.
  • Our College Plus Group will be going to Lancaster.
  • Sunday is Christmas Sunday here at HBC. We look forward to a great day.

As we look ahead to Sunday, I will speak on “When Heaven Stirred” in the morning.  Our choir will sing and a Ladies’ Ensemble will also sing.  At our 6 PM service, our choir will present “Christmas on the Air”.  There are invitation cards on the Info Booth.

 I’ve been thinking …

About what that first Christmas must have been like in heaven.  We know for certain that those present were the triune God and the angels.  The disembodied spirits of Old Testament believers were in Paradise; perhaps they were also witnesses of the event.   What was Christmas like for God the Father as His Only Begotten Son came into this world?  What were the angels thinking and saying to each other?  What about people like Enoch, Abraham, Moses, and David?   I submit to you that on that first Christmas, all Heaven stirred.  I hope to see you on Sunday.



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