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Back Page: January 13, 2013

      Our Annual Business Meeting will be on the 24th.   Nomination ballots have been e-mailed and there are some on the info booth.  Members, please return your nomination ballots to the church office.  If you owe us a written report for that meeting, please e-mail it to Pastor by the 20th.

A word from Pastor:   Thanks to all who help with funeral luncheons here at HBC from time to time – whether you send a dish or help in the kitchen with Martha.   This is a tremendous ministry, often to many unsaved people that gather for a family funeral. This kindness is a great testimony for our church.  If you would like to help some time, see Pastor or Martha.  We would love to put your name on the list of people to call.

An update on Pastor Bruce & Danielle:

Pastor Bruce & Danielle continue to be interested in church planting and leadership training through Biblical Ministries Worldwide.  The couple ministering in Boston had an unexpected change of direction and they have resigned from BMW.  The intended partnership in ministry there is not going to happen.  Pray for Pastor Bruce as he looks for the Lord to open another door of opportunity in this regard.  We look forward to his continued ministry with us here as the Lord leads.

With all the news about the Flu this season; let’s be careful here in Church; we do not want to  share this with others.   Here are a few reminders:
If you are sick, stay home.
Do not cough into your right hand and then shake hands with someone else.
Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.
If you are suspect, use the elbow bump. [Pastor may have to demonstrate this for those who are slow learners.]
Use the various hand sanitizers at various locations.

– Pastor

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