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Back Page: January 20, 2013

Brian Smith writes:  We were blessed with about 20 residents at our 2nd Sunday service. The residents were glad to see us.  Phil McKishen and Liberty Pagliarini provided our music. Alan Steward and Dorothy Pagliarini attended to the residents. I gave a short message. If anyone has a desire to play in  the orchestra, give a message, offer a word of encouragement to the residents, (to the whole group, or individually,) or just help the residents find their page in the hymn book,  they are welcome to serve.  We appreciate all who serve in this monthly ministry, especially Brian and Alice.

Recent studies have shown that American church attendance is steadily declining.  In 1990, just over 20% of the population attended an Orthodox Christian church on any given weekend.  By 2004, however, that percentage dropped to less than 16%.  In a 2012  survey of 1,159 U.S. churches, researchers found that only 6% of the churches were growing.  Growth rate was defined as not only increasing in attendance, but also increasing at a pace faster than its community’s population growth rate.  Stated inversely, 94% of our churches are losing ground in the communities they serve.  May the Lord burden us to be faithful in our attendance here at HBC.

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