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Back Page: February 3, 2013

     Praise the Lord there were 30 in attendance at the Nursing Home ministry on Sunday.  Julia Vanelli and Phil McKishen did the special music and Brian Smith gave the message.

A word about giving to the  ministry here.
We appreciate the tithes and offerings of God’s people from week to week.  The Lord is faithful in meeting our needs.  Most give to HBC by personal check.  Your canceled check is your receipt for your regular giving.  You should keep your own record of personal giving to HBC or any other charitable organization.  Any single gift of $250 or more will also be issued an additional receipt according to IRS regulation.  These are usually mailed on Monday from the church office.  You should save these receipts to present if you are audited.   If you do not wish to give by personal check, we are also willing to accommodate you; let us know.  Cash is not deductible unless you receive a written receipt for each cash donation; we can do this for you, if need be – please see Sharon Milligan.  Personal check or electronic transfer is the preferred manner of giving to charitable organizations

I received a letter from Al and Winona Lawrence.  They attended here for several years, many yars ago.  They receive the HBC Prayer Bulletin every week and have a prayer time on Tuesday night for the ministry here.  They serve the Lord in conducting seven nursing home ministries each month and do several small Bible studies.  Many of us have fond memories of  PL and Winona, now in their 90’s.          – Pastor

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