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Weekend Additions: January 10, 2014

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Youth meetings restart

Both the King’s Kids and Jr. High Teens are still meeting tonight as they start back up for the new year. Next Friday, the King’s Kids will have their Pizza Bash & Royal Store from 7-9 PM, and the Jr. High Teens will host a special LCA Night from 7-10 PM. Come on out and invite a friend!

Plans for tomorrow

Men, join us tomorrow at 8 AM for breakfast – even if you didn’t sign up. Also, we have a group going to help the DiFabios pack up at 10 AM – let Pastor Bruce know if you can also. We are sad to report that the College Plus Winterland Plus Ice Skating event has been cancelled due to the weather forecast.

Looking ahead

On Sunday, Dr. E. Allen Griffith will speak for both our Morning Worship and Evening Service. We are grateful to begin having him with us on a monthly basis to open the Word.

Ladies’ Winter Brunch

Ladies, come enjoy a nice brunch and a winter wonderland at the Ladies’ Winter Brunch next Saturday, January 18, at 10 AM. We will have good fellowship, special music, and a testimony from Nancy Dare. Visitors are welcome! Bring your favorite scarf for a tutorial of different wearing styles. Contact us or sign up if you are coming and can bring something.

Upon recommendation

“How does someone pretend to be an athiest? It’s not like a hat you wear to see if it fits. Faith taps into deeply held beliefs and emotions.” Or you might normally think so anyway. If you are able to suspend belief, you simply don’t believe (1 John 2:9). One might find the perspective of the actual athiest to be much more accurate when a Pastor tries atheism, loses job, gains $19,000 as reported by Daniel Burke.

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Striving to honor Christ by strengthening

believers in the faith, sharing the gospel

with the lost, and standing for the truth

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