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Weekend Additions: May 30, 2014

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New Adult Classes

The summer Sunday School quarter will begin this Sunday. Find the various option listed below, and take a look at the class description here to find out a little more.

Angels: Ministering Spirits – a biblical study of the nature and ministry of angels

Pastor Smith – Main Auditorium

Ordinary to Extraordinary: God’s Work in Bible Women

Liz Franklin – E-1

God’s Righteousness: A Study in Romans

Pastor Blaze Pagliarini & Don Netz – Assembly Room


Looking ahead

On Sunday, Evangelist Rich Tozour will speak for both our Morning Worship and Evening Service. He will have a Gospel emphasis for the morning message if you would like to especially invite a friend.


Individual Support Poll

One of our missionaries, Tom Boehm (Italy), recently requested some general input on the idea of individuals (as contrasted to churches) supporting missionaries. If you would like to participate in giving your opinion, you fill find a poll on their website that addresses the topic here.


GCCS Grads

 A number of graduations for the Christian school will happen next week, and anyone from our church family is certainly invited. Both the Kindergarten Graduation (Tuesday at 7 pm) and PreK Closing (Wednesday at 10:30 am) will be at the school. The High School Graduation will be at the church on Friday at 7 pm. Praise the Lord as another successful school year comes to a close!


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Striving to honor Christ by strengthening

believers in the faith, sharing the gospel

with the lost, and standing for the truth


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