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Outdoor Volleyball Tournament

Outdoor Volleyball Tournament

HBC will hosting an Outdoor Volleyball Tournament on Saturday, June 28, from 3-7 pm. This will be church-wide event and held here on the grounds. Assemble your own team and sign up. Come prepared to participate in the create-a-hot-dog contest. See below for all the details!


For the tournament, create your team within the church family or outside of HBC. We’ll provide hot dogs, condiments, and drinks. Bring a bag of chips or unique toppings to participate in the contest.


Teams and tournament details:

  • Assemble your own team – must be coed with up to 6 people. Exceptions can and will be evaluated.
  • Choose players from within HBC or your own circle (work, college, neighborhood, community group, etc.).
  • Sign up with team name and members on the bracket cards posted at church.
  • Individual players are welcome and can join a team at the tiem of th event.


Create-a-hot-dog contest details:volleyballtournament2

  • Make and/or bring your own unique condiments (chili, cheese, themed, etc.).
  • Name your creation and provide four halves for the judges.
  • Will be judged for creativity (name, ingredients) and taste (flavor, texture).
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