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Weekend Additions: June 6, 2014

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Gloucester graduates

Tonight, the class of 2014 will graduate from Gloucester County Christian School. The commencement will begin at 7 pm here at HBC. SJ native and GCCS grad, Evangelist Rich Tozour, will be the speaker. The ceremony will be streaming live online here. Click this link and sign up or log in. This will be a special time for family and friends of our school.


Looking ahead

On Sunday, Dr. E. Allen Griffith will speak for both our Morning Worship and Evening Service. We have a special gift for all our recent graduates, high school and beyond, and we will have a special time of recognition and prayer for them during the morning service.


Yearbook Dedication

Yearbook Dedication

The 2014 yearbook at GCCS is dedicated to Pastor Mark Franklin. You can see those pages and a tribute by Don Netz here: "The high school building that you are enjoying is a testimony to the work and vision of Pastor Mark Franklin. The cinderblock and girders that will last decades will be a physical reminder of his care for…" Read more.


Outdoor Volleyball

HBC will hosting an Outdoor Volleyball Tournament on Saturday, June 28, from 3-7 pm. This will be church-wide event and held here on the grounds. Assemble your own team and sign up. Come prepared to participate in the create-a-hot-dog contest. Click here for all the details!


Dr. Missionary

Doctorates come after dissertations. Here is a title from one of our recent missionary graduates: Bob Metze, "Measuring the Effectiveness of a Seminar to Inspire Advancement of Current and Future Theological Education in Latin America." Whew. A topic similar to his specific work was researched by Matthew Conrad also. Glad to see ministry in study!


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