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Weekend Additions: July 19, 2014

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Looking ahead

On Sunday, Dr. E. Allen Griffith will speak for both our Morning Worship and Evening Service. He will share some about his ministry, Biblical Family Ministries, in the AM.



Our Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches will be sponsoring the next Short Term Apprentice Missionary Program trip to Newfoundland, Canada from July 10-23, 2015. Pastor and Mrs. Craig Griffith will lead the team. This will include a number of ministry opportunities for those age 18 years and older. Contact us for more information or pick up a brochure on the Missions Counter.


Ministry Spotlight: Custodial/Cleaning

One of the ministries at HBC that does not draw too much attention does so only because it is done well! Though we often don't notice or even if we try to be neat, we all tend to leave a mess. Special thanks to Joe Shaw, Donna Shaw, Yvonne Collins, and Lottie Alexander for their faithful service to us in this regard from week to week. They also take on some extra with various events at the church over the spring and summer months. Let them know you appreciate it!


So Sending and Sent

So Sending and Sent

New sermon added: "What do you think of when you think of missions – the kind with spies and agents? Sometimes thoughts of these are surrounded by fun and adventure. Television shows might emphasize such elements: the mission is found, the crises work out, and the good guys win – all in the space of 20 minutes plus commercials. However, sometimes the mission…" Read more.


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Striving to honor Christ by strengthening

believers in the faith, sharing the gospel

with the lost, and standing for the truth


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