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Weekend Additions: August 8, 2014

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Looking ahead

On Sunday, Dr. E. Allen Griffith will speak for both our Morning Worship and Evening Service. This will be the Griffiths' last time of monthly ministry at HBC. We will have an ice cream fellowship with them after the PM. Be sure to express your appreciation to them and to the Lord for their encouragement and service to us during these days.

Nursery Parents' Meeting

We will have a meeting for all parents with children in the HBC nurseries directly following the AM service on Sunday. This is being held for the purpose of open communication as we evaluate various needs in this ministry. We will have light refreshments, and a couple ladies will be available to provide childcare. Come give us feedback!

Ministry Spotlight: Nursery

A nursery is available for all services at HBC, and many volunteer to staff both a baby and toddler nursery weekly. Thanks to Brenda Menden and Judy Field for overseeing this ministry and all who serve in it. We've recently had a change in worker scheduling – please sign up for your assigned slot for the upcoming months or let us know if you would rather lock into a certain cycle. Please contact us if you would like to join this team of faithful helpers!


Pastor Saxton has recently acquired a new HBC email address. You can now send correspondence for him to Feel free to continue sending general items to

Brimstone bowl

A church member recently carved a bowl made out of wood from the tree behind the HBC parsonage. This tree was possibly planted in the early 1800s when it was the site of the Brimstone School at Hardingville. The building was so named out of ridicule for the the fervor with which messages were preached there on the "sinner's doom" and the "second death." Find this historic piece in the foyer!

Final fish

This is the last call for the Men's Canada Fishing Trip coming up on August 28-30. See Drew Franklin if you would like to go and also if you are bringing a boat. Deposits are due to Sharon on Sunday. Join this group of fishering men!

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Striving to honor Christ by strengthening

believers in the faith, sharing the gospel

with the lost, and standing for the truth

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