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2014 Men’s Canada Fishing Trip

2014 Men’s Canada Fishing Trip

14 Men traveled to Ontario, Canada for this year’s Men’s Fishing Trip, the 10th year of this annual trip, and God provided protection on the roads and water throughout the 3 day trip. As usual, the time of fellowship and getting to know one another in a unique environment was a blessing to the men who attended. This was a special trip also, as the men had opportunity to fellowship with our new Pastor on the road, at the table, on the lake, and in the lodge.

The following provides a brief overview of this annual trip:

Thursday, August 28
Men departed from HBC at 05:30 AM, stopping for coffee and fuel at a nearby Wawa

After a brief pit stop at Bingham’s Family Restaurant near Lenox, PA for breakfast around 09:30, the men crossed the border into Ontario, then arrived in Ganonoque around 1:00.

Most men hit the water as soon as the boats were launched, returning briefly for dinner on the enclosed porch before heading back onto the lake for the evening.

Friday, August 29
Most men hit the boats before daybreak and fished from dawn until breakfast

Three groups left for a day on the lake with local lake guides while the other men fished on their own. Typically, fishing with a guide entails using shiners for bait, drifting off weed beds and rocky points, while listening to tales of the lake from the seasoned local guides. 

At noon, all of the men joined for a shore lunch, where the guides prepared ~10 pounds of bacon, burgers, fried fish, potatoes, and coffee – among other sides and desserts. Following lunch, most men fished until dinner, enjoyed the time of fellowship, then hit the lake until dusk.

One of the favorite times of the trip occurred on Friday night, when the men gathered in the lodge for a time of encouragement in God’s Word and testimony. Following  a reading of God’s Word and a reminder from Pastor that God has created all things for our enjoyment and reflection of his glory, the men each gave testimony to God’s working in their lives throughout the year.

Saturday, August 30
As on Friday, most men went out on the lake for some early morning fishing before gathering for breakfast, ice cream, and bacon. Following breakfast, the men fished for a while before hauling the boats out of the lake and beginning the journey back to Hardingville.

On the way home, the men again stopped at Bingham’s for dinner, bread, and pies. Some men successfully completed their missions to bring a special order of bread or pie home to their wives and families.

Praise the Lord for his goodness and blessing on the trip this year and the safety on the roads! We hope to see you next year!

Check out some photos from the trip!

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