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Worthy of Our Worship

Worthy of Our Worship

An excerpt from the bi-monthly “Report from the Rep.” for the Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches:

Worship is often misunderstood and frequently debated both among laity and clergy. Because many are confused about the biblical meaning of worship, it is wise for us to consider what it truly means to worship the Lord. Biblical worship, worship in spirit and truth, is a constant and consistent attitude. It is a persistent disposition of mind and heart toward the glory and majesty of God. Worship is always personal before it is public.

Private and public may require alignment of our priorities. Our ultimate priority should be to worship the true and living God with our thoughts, words, and life. Authentic worship is not emotional ecstasy or a momentary event, but a full-time activity that involves both the mind and heart. Genuine worship begins with a faithful study and personal knowledge of the Word. It includes joyful praise, earnest prayer, devoted service; it must always be Christocentric. The Lord is worthy of our worship!

– Dr. Terry R. Smith, National Representative

October 2014

About Dr. Terry Smith
Dr. Smith served as Pastor in various area ministries for over 50 years prior to joining the ministry at Hardingville in 2003. He now serves as the Assistant Pastor with an Emphasis on Senior Ministries. For more details, visit the church staff page.