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Thanksgiving Letter 2014

Dear Members and Friends of the Hardingville Bible Church family,

The Thanksgiving season has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I can’t say that my heart is fully engaged and celebrating every American holiday, but as a believer in Christ, I find myself always delighting in hearing the Lord’s people thank him for all of his many blessings — both spiritual and material. Of course, this is our family’s first Thanksgiving in South Jersey. In sadness and tears we say goodbye to our Ohio church family. But the Lord who wipes away our tears and changes our sorrows into joy in Christ has given us the privilege this year to thank the Lord in our new church family.

Consider with me just one simple, yet profound, verse from God’s word. It comes from 1 Thessalonians 5:18 — “in everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” Because we have a loving heavenly father, who is fully in control of all the ups and downs of life, we can fully obey this simple text. Whether our road has been bumpy this year or smooth, the Lord calls us to trust him enough by thanking him in all circumstances. I find that if I am unwilling to thank the Lord for something in my life, it is probably because I’m not willing to obey him or trust him in that particular area. Parents and grandparents should model this everyday thankful spirit to future generations. Our young people should know that we’re thankful for what the Lord allows in our life not just when life is easy and problem free, but that we also are able to love God and trust him enough and tell him things even when we experience some dark clouds. God’s people can always thank the Lord because in Christ he has promised to be with us, take care of us, and use even the most difficult circumstances for our benefit. Enclosed is a tract to be read with your family at your Thanksgiving meal that should help with this.

Here at Hardingville Bible Church we have some upcoming opportunities to thank the Lord as a church family, and I wanted to personally invite you and your family to attend these various activities. First, I want to invite you to our annual church Thanksgiving dinner, which will take place on Saturday, November 22, at 6 PM. Although I haven’t been in Hardingville Bible Church very long, I’ve been here long enough to know that there are some good cooks in this church, so you do not want to miss this time of food and fellowship.

Secondly, we also look forward to a time of public praise and testimonies of God’s goodness to us at our Pie ‘N Praise fellowship. This will take place on Wednesday, November 26, at 7 PM. We will gather in the sanctuary for a praise service, and then we will move to the fellowship hall where we will enjoy the bountiful provision of dozens of different kinds of pies. Praising the Lord and eating pies — can you think of a better way that you and your family could spend Thanksgiving eve?

My family greatly looks forward to these two events, and we want to give you a warm welcome to attend with us.

Your friend in Christ’s service,

Pastor David Saxton

P.S. One more opportunity for you to consider — we are collecting non-perishable food items for needy families, in order to share with them. There will be a table in the foyer all this month where you can leave food items.

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