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Christmas Letter 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters at Hardingville Bible Church,

A year ago Marybeth and I would have never dreamed that we would be spending this Christmas with our new church family in South Jersey. But wherever we find ourselves on this Christian journey, the Lord Jesus remains a faithful and kind friend. Particularly at this Christmas season, we rejoice that our Lord Jesus was born into this world so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone. Allow me to personally invite you and your family to a number of special Christmas and New Year events:

Sunday evening, December 21, at 6 PM, will be our Christmas program titled “The Newborn King.” This will be followed by a light reception in Harmony Hall.

On December 24 at 7 PM, we will have a special Christmas Eve service. This will include a number of special musical selections, Scripture readings, and the singing of many traditional Christmas hymns.

On December 31 at 7 PM, we will spend some time praying for the Lord’s wisdom, grace, and our own hearts before Him at our New Year’s Eve prayer service.

Finally, on January 1 we will have our annual Progressive Dinner. This is a great way to get to know your church family and to start off the new year on the right foot.

I hope that you will be able to attend the special Christmas season events. Whether you have a lot of family around or not, it’s a great blessing to have a Christian family with which to share life’s experiences. Please use the enclosed tract as a witnessing tool.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor David Saxton

P. S. Please reserve these two other dates on your calendar. On Saturday, January 17, we will be having a men’s conference at our church, titled “Living as a Godly Man.” This is designed to help the men of HBC to be humble, godly, spiritual leaders. Then please reserve Saturday, January 31, as the date for the annual Wild Game Supper.

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Pastor Saxton became the senior pastor at HBC in August 2014. His heart's desire is to be used of the Lord to equip God’s people, so that they would be effective disciple-makers for Christ. For more details, visit the church staff page.